INDCO’s May 2015 Top Seller

INDCO INDCO’s May 2015 Top Seller

The gyroscopic 5925 DynoMix™ series mixer proved to be one of INDCO’s top sellers for May 2015. This unit provides closed container mixing in multi-size gallon and 5 gallon pails with a 100 lb load capacity. Gyrospcopic mixing action can be described as turning containers end-over-end while simultaneously spinning the container. It is ideal for mixing a wide variety of applications with products that bottom settle.

Features of RD-5025-00-MRU include the smallest footprint in the industry. It is ideal for store or laboratory locations where space is at a premium. A front double roller allows for easy loading and unloading into top and bottom plates that self-center containers. Select your time up to 4 minutes and push button to start. An automatic stop-lock feature positions the container in an upright position after each mixing cycle.

The RD-5025-00-MRU operates with 110V, 60Hz. The unit conforms to ANSI/US Std 1450; Certified to CAN/US C22.2 Std No. 68. For more information on this unit or other closed container shaker mixers and accessories visit