Get answers to many of the frequently asked questions from our INDCO customers.


Question: Who should I contact to place an order?
Answer: You can order directly from this website or call us at 1-800-851-1049 to speak directly to a technically trained service rep or engineer.

Question: Can I purchase mixers or parts directly from INDCO?
Answer: Yes, we are your direct source for superior mixing equipment. Order online or email your questions to info@indco.com.

Question: What kind of mixers do you sell?
Answer: INDCO specializes in small and medium-sized mixers for batch sizes up to 5000 gallons. We keep a large stock of component parts, and as a result can fill 95% of orders within two business days. This makes INDCO the ideal company to call on when you need equipment quickly to avoid downtime. In addition to our complete line of standard mixers and accessories, we can customize our products to meet your needs or build to your specifications from scratch.

Question: Does INDCO build custom-modified mixers and systems?
Answer: Yes, we have a fully trained engineering staff on site that can help you create a custom solution to meet your mixing requirements. Contact our engineers directly at sales@indco.com.

Question: Do you offer complete systems?
Answer: Yes, we offer complete packages including tank, mixing, sensing, control and pumping. We can skid mount or free stand our tanks, and onsite testing and validation is also offered. Our engineering staff will provide a drawing package for your approval on any system before manufacturing begins. We want to ensure your satisfaction. Call us at 1-800-851-1049 and we will get started on a quote for you today.

Question: How do I determine my flow direction?
Answer: See technical information demonstration video titled  “Left Hand vs. Right Hand Propellers.”

Question: What is the difference in impellers?
Answer: Each impeller type deals with the energy given to it by the motor in a different way. A hydrofoil converts most of the energy into motion of the product and very little into shear. A three-blade propeller will convert most of the energy to product motion, but a higher percent to shear than the hydrofoil. The axial flow turbine devotes an even higher ratio to shear and a dispersion blade is almost completely converted to shear.

All of our mixers are outfitted with a particular impeller based on how the mixer is used. Hydrofoils are used for low viscosity products and have a great efficiency. Propellers are used in low-volume, medium-viscosity liquids. Axial flow turbines are used in medium to heavy viscosities. Radial flow turbines are used in circumstances, like gas dispersion, where the product must be forced against the walls of the vessel. Dispersion blades are used when solids must be imparted into liquids aggressively.

If you need assistance when choosing the right impeller, contact us and we will be happy to help.

Question: When can I use a "standard" impeller rather than a high-shear impeller?
Answer: When pigment extension is not required you can use a standard impeller. However, this can vary with the type of pigment. See our technical guide “Industrial Mixing Propellers, square vs steep pitch” for more information. 

Question: How far off the bottom of the mixing vessel should my impeller be?
Answer: Normally the impeller should be positioned 1/2 to 2 propeller diameters off the bottom. Factors that can affect the placement include solid suspension level, the viscosity and the low liquid mixing criteria.

Question: What different finishes does INDCO offer?
Answer: INDCO provides one of the widest offerings in the industry. Please see our finishing guide for details.

Question: How do I determine what size tri-clamp connection I have?
Answer: The diameter measurement of the main body (not the attachment lip) will equal the size of the tri-clamp. For example, a 4" tri-clamp fitting will measure 4" in diameter at the main body below the attachment lip.

Question: How can I determine the correct mechanical seal design for my application?
Answer: The determination of the seal is affected by the pressure and temperature in the tank, the speed of the mixer, lubrication options and the cleanability requirements specific to the product and the mixing environment. Please contact our inhouse engineering team for the proper mechanical seal for your application.

Question: How do I determine how much horsepower I need for my mixing application?
Answer: The horsepower required is a function of the impeller type, impeller diameter, specific to gravity of the product being mixed, and the RPM of the shaft. This is a lot to process at one time, so our engineers have put together pre-engineered mixers that will deliver the right amount of HP when you choose the correct impeller size and type. (See “What is the difference in impellers?” above.) However, if your application has some unique product demands (high viscosity, high specific gravity, etc.) please contact our sales department and we will be glad to help you properly size your mixer for your application.

Question: Does INDCO sell mixer/tank packages?
Answer: Yes, INDCO has many tank and mixer assemblies already pre-engineered and designed to work together. If you do not see a product that exactly fits your application, our trained staff can modify an existing solution or specifically design a solution for your application.

Question: Can INDCO help me design tanks for my application?
Answer: Absolutely, INDCO can help you design the tank specific to your needs. We have many tank and mixer assemblies already pre-engineered and designed to work together. If you do not find a product that fits your application, please contact our trained staff and they will design a package for your needs.

Question: What is the purpose of baffles?
Answer: Baffles are flat metal plates, usually four in number, equally spaced and attached to the inner walls of tanks. Baffles are required for the swirling and vortexing effect.

Question: Do I need baffles?
Answer: For fluids with viscosities less than 10,000 cps, you should have three or four baffles located 90-120° apart. The number of baffles should equal the number of impeller blades. Baffles are especially needed with top-side entry mixers.

Question: How do I obtain material certification and other documentation?
Answer: When placing your order, please specify what documentation you will require. There may be a fee for certain types of documentation, but we offer many free of charge.

Question: How can I set up an account with INDCO?
Answer: There are several ways to get started with INDCO. You can be added to our database by placing an order with a credit card. We also offer payment terms of NET 30 for qualified customers. To sign up, download, complete and return the application to start the process.

Question: What are your standard lead times?
Answer: Each product has specific lead time dependent on production and engineering requirements. However, we offer 95% of our products on a two-day lead time.

Contact us and we will let you know your specific products lead time. If you require expedited delivery, we will work with you on the expected lead times. Many times, we can beat our standard lead times. We pride ourselves on having some of the quickest lead times in the business.

Question: Does INDCO ship internationally?
Answer: Yes, we ship our products both domestically and internationally.

Question: What is your warranty?
Answer: Products manufactured by INDCO, have a one-year warranty against defective material and workmanship. All distributed products are subject to the manufacturer’s warranty.

Question: What is INDCO's return policy?
Answer: At INDCO, we take pride in the products and services we provide. We want you to be happy and satisfied with your purchase. In the unlikely event that you need to return merchandise, simply notify Customer Service at 1-800-851-1049 within 30 days of receipt of purchase to request a Return Materials Authorization (RMA). We’ll help you with return instructions. Restocking fees of 20% will apply to all returned items. Sorry, but used, custom-made or specially modified non-standard merchandise is not returnable.