Best Drill Attachment Mixers for Your Springtime Project

Mark Hennis - President of INDCO Inc. mixer attachment for a drill is mixing concrete

As spring approaches, it's time to gear up for various projects, from construction site and industrial endeavors to home renovations. There’s a good chance you’ll be working with products that require some form of mixing (or re-mixing). Products may range from paints, sealants and adhesives to drywall mud, mortars and stucco’s. One indispensable tool for many projects is a drill attachment mixer. They’re designed to fit most power drills and can be easily attached and detached. These versatile devices can save time and effort while ensuring thorough mixing of various substances. INDCO carries a wide variety of these mixers ranging in price from $15.75 to $331.50.


Different drill attachments to choose from:

  • Jiffy Mixer Attachment: The INDCO Jiffy Mixer Attachment is a versatile option with models to fit chuck sizes from ¼” to ¾” and containers from one pint to 100 gallons. The Jiffy mixer features a unique blade design that pulls up settled material from the bottom while also pulling down low viscosity liquids on top into the mix. For quick DIY jobs you might choose the LM105, which works great with most handheld power drills. For heavy duty jobs, the HD400 will fit stronger drills and mix containers from 75 to 100 gallons.

  • Quick Mix Paddle Attachment: The INDCO Quick Mix Paddle Attachment is another excellent choice for mixing various materials. Featuring a variety of unique paddle designs, this attachment ensures thorough mixing without creating air bubbles or clumps. These paddles are made from a solid polypropylene plastic which makes them ideal for mixing most acids and corrosive solutions. Whether you're mixing epoxy, resins, or adhesives, the INDCO Quick Mix Paddle Attachment offers reliable performance and consistent results.

  • Folding Impeller Drill Attachment: When space is limited or mobility is a concern, drill attachment mixers with folding blades can be a perfect solution. Attach the impeller to your drill, collapse the blades so they fit into the small container opening, begin mixing and the blades will expand on their own. The FM-series is available with single or double impellers and will fit through an opening of 1-7/8” in diameter. The 400-A and 400-B models have three and four folding impellers, respectively, with each impeller consisting of two blades that open during rotation. Check out our blog “Closed Lid Mixing: Folding Impellers” for more information on the benefits and applications of folding impellers.


Choosing the right drill attachment mixer can significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your springtime project. Whether you're blending paints, mixing adhesives, or preparing industrial coatings, the options offered by INDCO provide reliable performance and exceptional value for money. Invest in a high-quality mixer attachment today and take your project to the next level.

If you’re not sure which drill attachment or mixer is best for your project or have any questions in general, feel free to reach out to the INDCO team here or call us at 1-800-851-1049.