Must-have Mixer Accessories

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INDCO manufactures, designs, and distributes mixing equipment and related accessories for many different industries. Our wide variety of mixer and container accessories are available to optimize your mixing operations. Whether it’s out of necessity or for added convenience, finding the perfect mixing accessories can make a huge difference in the quality and speed of your work.

Types of Mixing Accessories:

Air Hoses, Filters, Mufflers & Repair Kits

These accessories are crucial for maintaining and optimizing air-powered mixing equipment. They ensure your mixer operates smoothly, with reduced noise and enhanced longevity.

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Blade Mounting Accessories

Secure and versatile blade mounting accessories allow for easy installation and adjustment of mixing blades, ensuring optimal performance and adaptability to various mixing tasks.

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Clamps & Brackets

Sturdy clamps and brackets provide the necessary support for your mixers, allowing for secure attachment to tanks or stands, facilitating stable and efficient mixing operations.

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Miscellaneous: Plugs, Brushes & Paddles

This category includes a variety of tools and accessories designed to enhance the functionality and maintenance of your mixing equipment, from cleaning to modification.

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Pumps are essential for transferring liquids, especially in configurations where direct mixing is complemented by the need for efficient fluid movement. INDCO’s pumps are designed to work with a variety of liquids, including high viscosity mixtures. From electric and air driven pumps to hand pumps, we have a solution for you.

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Shafts, Couplers & Chucks

These components are key to the structural integrity and performance of your mixer, offering customizable lengths and connections for various mixing environments.

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Strainers & Liners

Strainers are perfect for keeping your mixtures free from unwanted particles, ensuring a smooth and consistent output. They are molded from high-density polyethylene and nylon mesh, straining liquids with 100 ultra-fine mesh down to a 600 micron mesh.

Our vacuum-formed liners create a reliable seal in your mixing vessel, allowing you to quickly reuse storage containers and mixing drums, and reduce cleaning costs.

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We’re Here to Help

In the dynamic world of mixing technology, having the right accessories can significantly enhance the functionality and efficiency of your equipment. If you didn’t find the accessories you need, contact our team to discuss potential custom solutions for your mixing application.