2014 Year in Review

INDCO 2014 Year in Review

INDCO has been a solid company customers can trust for almost 40 years.  We are very proud of our years of service and the many relationships we’ve developed.  By offering high quality products, some of the fastest lead times in the industry, and sincerely helpful customer service and technical support, it is easy to see why INDCO continues to be an industry leader.

Our specialty is mixing and dispersion equipment and systems from lab size to 5000 gallon volumes.  Over the past year we have seen trends of increasing production in most of our customers’ industries.  Pharmaceuticals and healthcare, home and commercial construction, waste water treatment, food and beverage, automotive and small entrepreneurs are all much more active in today’s growing economy.

Large mixer and stainless steel tank sales, indicators of higher capital spending, have certainly increased.  Mixing in 55 gallon drums and IBC’s is popular as some of our monthly best-sellers of 2014 were for these distribution-oriented containers.  Additionally, companies invested in product testing and start-up production using laboratory scale mixers as evidenced by strong sales throughout the year.  INDCO’s YouTube channel, www.youtube.com/indcoinc, showed customers’ increase in interest in learning through “how to” and “best practices” videos.

INDCO continues to invest in tooling and machinery, research and development, and educational opportunities both internally and to our customers.  Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and at INDCO.com.  We fondly look forward to many more years to come.