Looking Back at 2013

INDCO Looking Back at 2013

To better serve our customers with new products and services, INDCO has made many investments in 2013.  By listening to our customers, we deliver.  Investments made in capable machine tools have allowed us to offer even more options in our complete line of equipment and accessories while continuing to deliver the best lead times in the industry.  With new network servers and two software upgrades in 2013, we are sure to remain the most responsive mixing equipment supplier in the industry.  In addition, we have provided more valuable product and resource information than ever before.  New content is constantly added to our website product pages, blog posts, video user guides and social media pages.  Our digital catalog is now available for download by laptop and mobile users.  After public demand, we also expanded INDCO's product lines to now include light duty electric stirrers, electric tote lid mixers, and bucket splash guard accessories.

INDCO remains innovative, responsive and a leader in the industry.  Being your direct source for superior mixing equipment is our priority.