INDCO 2014 Prices: We Finally Have to Move

INDCO INDCO 2014 Prices: We Finally Have to Move

At INDCO, every employee takes the commitment to be our customers’ supplier of choice for industrial mixing equipment very seriously.  In order to continually provide premium quality products at the best possible prices a constant focus on cost reduction, process efficiency and waste elimination is simply part of our culture.

In January 2014 INDCO will implement a price increase on most INDCO-manufactured products ranging from 2%-3.5%, our first such increase since 2011.  These price changes are generally the same or smaller than those we have incurred from our key component vendors on affected products.  Manufacturers of motors, gear boxes, motor controls and other electromechanical products have incurred similar cost increases in their respective supply chains than those we face.  Over the past few years INDCO has made major investments in equipment and resources to offset costs including but not limited to the following: increased CNC machining capacity and “in sourcing” of outside work, changes in raw material suppliers and purchase agreements and design for component commonality.

While these initiatives allowed us to completely absorb cost increases without price impact to our customers for almost three years we finally have to move.  In the past, commodity prices (primarily stainless steel) have been the primary driver of increased cost.  This time around the costs associated with healthcare insurance, packaging materials and transportation charges, both inbound and outbound, are major contributors.

To reiterate, we take product pricing and quality very seriously and will not resort to “cheaper”, inferior components in our mixers in the name of profit.  We vow to continue our diligence to offset costs through all reasonable means.  Our relationship with customers is highly important to us.  Despite the January changes our price guarantee remains firm:  provide us with a competitive quote for a comparable product of the same specifications and we will match the price.  You should never have to settle for less than a genuine INDCO mixer.