WARNING – Do Not Use Teflon Tape on Air Motors

INDCO WARNING – Do Not Use Teflon Tape on Air Motors

INDCO uses quality brand GAST air motors on our mixing equipment.  Most air powered mixing equipment features the AM Series lubricated air motors from GAST.  It is important to read & follow the operation, maintenance & safety instructions before operating any equipment.  Using a GAST air motor can have many advantages.  An air motor can vary speed with the use of a valve between the air source and motor.  As a non-electrical device, the possibility of explosion is reduced.   Air motors can be stalled or overloaded but will not burn out.  Air motors can be lighter weight, compact, portable & less expensive compared to other motors of equal horsepower and capabilities.  Cool running, instant reversibility and mounting flexibility are among some of the other advantages.

Filtered, regulated and lubricated air is important in maintaining the life of your air motor.  A common misconception though is the use of Teflon tape on air motors. Fibers from the tape can easily fray and become lodged inside the motor stopping the vanes from turning.  These lodged fibers will damage the motor.  The use of Teflon tape voids all warranties.  All air mixers are clearly labeled with this warning before use.  Refer to INDCO’s document library under resources & information for technical guides on air motors.