Paint Industry Trade Show

INDCO Paint Industry Trade Show

INDCO is honored to attend a trade show this month in the Paint & Coatings industry.  With construction increasing in the coming spring months, equipment preparation is key to successfully and profitably completing your projects.

Most paints tend to be of low to medium viscosity making it simple to use direct drive mixers in pails and drums.  Commercial coatings and plasters with heavier viscosities may require more robust mixing units with gear reduction for that additional torque.  If you are producing paints or coatings in drums, totes or tanks, a clamp mount mixer design may be the unit to do the job.  If you are on the job site and just need some light agitation or re-suspension, a drill attachment might do the trick.  You can speak directly to a salesperson or engineer at INDCO to size a unit to your application.  INDCO’s quick lead will get your equipment fast.