In the Lab: An Overview of Our Highest Selling Stirrer

INDCO In the Lab:  An Overview of Our Highest Selling Stirrer

Caframo DC1850 overhead stirrer from INDCOINDCO’s highest selling overhead stirrer is the Caframo DC1850.  The Caframo DC1850 is their most powerful overhead stirrer capable of mixing tars, gravel, polymers & adhesives. Also, it is rated for continuous use.  This quiet, reliable and maintenance-free stirrer is preferred in the industrial and cosmetic industries.

The high performance brushless direct current motor generates 1/5 HP with up to 50 in-lbs. of torque at speeds up to 300 RPM and 10 in-lbs. of torque at up to 1800 RPM.  The unique two-speed smart transmission selects high-torque or high-speeds.  Precise speed adjustments can be made with push button controls and set speeds can be maintained as viscosity changes.  The included chuck guard protects the user from the rotating chuck and protects the chuck from splashing material.  The through shaft design allows for easy impeller change and adjustment, a valuable time-saving feature.

The DC1850 is backed by a manufacturer’s 3 year warranty.  Order online at or calls us at 800-682-1660.