A Guide to Choosing a Laboratory Stirrer

INDCO A Guide to Choosing a Laboratory Stirrer

There are a wide a variety of laboratory mixer designs available in today’s market including magnetic hotplates, shakers and tumblers, and power head stirrers with shafts and impellers.  In this guide we will focus on the power head style units.  These stirrers are available powered by electric motors or air motors with either direct drive or gear reduced speed ranges.  Mixing shafts with removable impellers provide versatility.

By utilizing some key information, INDCO customer service representatives and engineers can help you confidently choose the best stirrer for your application. The following is a list of important information to provide when working with us:

- Batch Volume(s), including minimum and maximum desired batches if applicable

- Vessel dimensions (diameter, overall height, liquid depth) and geometry

- Material properties

o Initial ingredient and final product viscosities

o Specific gravity or weight per gallon of ingredients

o Corrosive or flammable properties

o Solubility of solids and concentration used

- Desired process outcome (blended liquid, solids suspension, etc.)

- Process description

- Sequence of ingredient addition

- Previous processes successfully used

For light duty applications requiring an electric arrangement the Talboys line of stirrers offer low torque (less than 1 in-lbs.) for general purpose mixing and have a continuous duty rating.  Models ES101, ES103A & ES105 are 1/75 HP, 1/12 HP and 1/80 HP, respectively, and are direct drive.  These stirrers are for light, water-like materials in small volumes.  For medium duty applications the Arrow brand of stirrers are available from 1/15 HP to 1/8 HP with torque ratings between 1 in-lb. and 14.8 in-lbs.  Both direct drive and gear reduced options are available for light to medium bodied materials in volumes up to 5 gallons depending on the model.  For high volume or high viscosity stirring, the Caframo line of stirrers are 1/5 HP with varying RPM ranges and torque ratings between 3 in-lbs. to 50 in-lbs.  These stirrers feature touchpad control with digital display and maintain speed as viscosity changes.  These heavy duty units will stir up to 30 gallons depending on viscosity.  The DC1850 heavy-duty Caframo stirrer is our most popular stirrer model.

If an air stirrer is needed, INDCO manufactures a variety of models featuring GAST air motors.  Both direct and gear reduced models are offered with torque ranges from 5.5 in-lbs to 130 in-lbs for heavy duty applications.  Air units offer a safe mixing solution when used with solvents or other flammable materials.  Air models are variable speed, typically lighter weight and cannot burn out from overload.  INDCO’s model AS4AM is the most popular air stirrer.  Accessories can be configured to create a custom stirrer to fit your needs.  Contact INDCO at 800-682-1660.