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Intermediate bulk containers, also referred to as “IBC totes”, are an increasingly popular choice for economically and efficiently distributing liquid products.  These cube shaped polyethylene bottles mounted on shipping skids and enclosed in steel cages are designed to fully utilize the volume available in standard truck trailers.  Produced most frequently in 275- and 330-gallon sizes, other sizes are available from multiple vendors.  The IBC tote mixer product line is a diverse category of industrial mixers designed to meet various needs for agitation in these containers.

Tote mixers are commonly used in the production of liquid products, in distribution to maintain product homogeneity and at final product locations for suspension of settled solids.  Viscosity is the primary characteristic used in the determination of the appropriate tote mixer for the application.   While the cubic shape is conducive to efficient nesting in truck trailers or warehouses it can present challenges for effective mixing.  The corners, in particular, tend to be areas of low flow and less than ideal mixing versus the traditional cylindrical mixing tank

There are multiple mixer options for low viscosity liquids as the tote’s geometric challenges can be addressed with increased agitation.  The IBC tote lid mixer is the most economical choice for water-like liquids.  These relatively light, simple to use mixers are integrated into a standard IBC cap and are screwed on to the threaded tote opening.  Bracket mount mixers feature a welded frame design that clamps to the sides of the tote when attachment via the plastic tote cap is considered to be inadequate or where higher forces result from agitation of more viscous liquids.

As viscosity increases the challenges associated with tote mixing also increase.  Larger folding impellers are utilized to enter the tote opening and expand during use for higher pumping capacity.  Gear reduction and larger diameter mixer shafts are employed to manage the resulting torque loads on the mixer.  Produced in models driven by electric or pneumatic motors, bracket mount mixers are our top selling tote mixer design.  The deluxe toggle clamp bracket mixer is our most rigid and ergonomic option.  The toggle clamp style attachment mechanism quickly and securely connects to the tote cage versus hand knob designs.  Furthermore, this product line can be configured with the optional lifting eye or fork lift channels to reduce the need for manual lifting.

Other versatile mixer designs can be effective options for tote mixing as well.  Some totes have an opening the size of a standard 55-gallon drum and therefore makes the drum lid mixer a viable mixer choice.  Similarly, the heavy duty clamp mixer, economy clamp mixer or sanitary clamp mount mixer paired with the appropriate mixer stand designed for use with IBC totes can be an efficient set up for processing multiple totes. 

INDCO customer service and engineering personnel are available to assist you with your tote mixing needs.  With a broad product line of fully featured tote mixers and a long history of helping customers mix in these popular containers we can assist you in sizing the appropriate mixer for your liquid product.  Simply contact customer service or engineering at 1-800-851-1049.

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