INDCO Price Points for 5 Categories of Industrial Mixers

INDCO INDCO Price Points for 5 Categories of Industrial Mixers

When deciding upon any major product purchase, acquisition cost versus whole life cost is an important consideration.  In the case of industrial mixer purchase decisions, the application may be a one-time or limited-use situation.  Therefore, sole focus on acquisition cost with an accepted sacrifice in heavy duty design for extended useful life may be warranted.  Conversely, a larger installation intended to last years in high duty-cycle processes require full lifecycle cost consideration including acquisition, installation, and operating and maintenance at a minimum.  Price and quality; the INDCO goal is to provide both to the maximum extent possible within a range of product options that appeal to different customers’ desired price points.  In other words, we focus on providing product value

Industrial mixer price point ranges depend on several factors such as the size of the application, a customer’s needed specification requirements, customization, desired process result and more — when compared against industry competitors, INDCO stacks up favorably in price and exceptionally high in quality across the following industrial mixer product types:

Laboratory Mixers

These small-scale mixers — commonly referred to as “lab stirrers” — are available in pneumatic or electric motor models with either direct-drive or gear-reduced power heads. Mixing shafts with removable, interchangeable impellers provide versatility, and accessories can be recommended by INDCO to create custom lab stirrers to fit any application.  Prices for a simple electrical stirrer with speed control knob for use in light liquids begins at approximately $600.  With higher power, higher torque and additional features including touch pad control and data output prices increase to the $1,000 to $2,000 range.  Our highest price electrical stirrer is a ½ horsepower unit for use in up to 30-gallon batches.  With its full range of features this model is the most expensive in the $4000 range for the power head only.  Mounting options, mixer stands and shaft/impeller assemblies are additional.

Pneumatic selections feature speed control via air valves and include standard exhaust mufflers.  Prices for the drive head only begin at about $500 for a low-torque 1/3 horsepower unit.  Air stirrer packages, such as the model ILS-1000X are generally sized for benchtop applications and complete packages including stands and additional shafts and impellers are in the $800 to $1600 range.

Overall price range:  $500 to $4000  

Pail Mixers

INDCO has a large selection of 5-gallon pail mixers and accessories specific to that common batch size found throughout many industries. Choose from air-driven or electric hand-held or top-mounted models that are well-suited for mixing lighter materials, or our heavy-duty pail mixers to set up workstations built to handle higher viscosity materials.  Prices for 5-gallon pail mixers begin at about $500 and can be as high as $9000 for our most heavily featured benchtop unit, the HSM-03V, capable of mixing very high viscosity materials.  

Additionally, there are a variety of drill attachments for a standard hand drill or for a handheld mixer that cost considerably less beginning under $20.

Overall Price Range:  $20 to $9000

Portable Mixers

The term “portable mixers” refers to mixers designed for use with medium scale applications, typically larger than lab scale and often intended for common containers for batch production or distribution in the 50-gallon to 500-gallon range.  Specific examples include 55-gallon drum mixers, small tank (often called “day tank”) mixers from 100- to 300- gallons, and intermediate bulk container, IBC tote mixers, from 275-gallons to 500 gallons or more.  Within each of these mixer types there are economy and heavy-duty versions and a variety of features and options from which to choose.

INDCO products for each of the aforementioned categories begin in the $1000-$1500 range for the lowest powered economy models to about $5000 for more powerful, gear-driven or speed-controlled heavy-duty designs.

Overall price range:  $1000 to $5000

Large Tank Mixers

Mixers for larger tanks tend to be more permanently mounted than those intended for portable use.   INDCO’s  top-mounted tank mixers are designed for large-scale jobs that range in size from about 500 gallons to as high as 50,000 gallons.  Since these mixers have higher acquisition prices and can require contracted personnel and equipment for installation, full lifetime costs are often considered before making a purchase.  These mixers generally have more rigid mounts and are designed for the much higher forces and torque that result from significantly larger mixing applications.  Standard top mounted mixers for low viscosity liquids begin in the $2500 range.  As size, operating environment requirements, designation for use with sealed or pressurized systems and other customizations are introduced, price dramatically increases.  INDCO offers a large selection of ANSI flange, and plate-mounted mixers for these larger, more sophisticated applications.  Prices for the largest of INDCO’s standard top-mounted tank mixers reach nearly $40,000 and engineered mixers have been priced over $50,000 each.

Overall price range: $2500 to $50,000+

Sanitary Mixers

A special subcategory of tank mixers serves the sanitary industries such as pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food and beverage industries. Generally, these applications require fully enclosed mixing environments at a minimum.  The most stringent aseptic processes in the pharma and biotech industries rely on tri-clampmounted mixers with mechanical seals of various designs to meet this purpose.  In addition to keeping contaminants out and containing mixed ingredients all materials contacting the product require highly polished surface finishes and contours for sanitizing and cleaning purposes.  Motors, gearboxes and mounting structures are also required to be produced from or coated in higher grade materials than their industrial counterparts.  Therefore, sanitary mixers are normally priced at more than twice the price of industrial grade mixers and the ratio can be higher depending upon the specifications.   INDCO’s TM-series, beginning at just under $3000 is the more economical choice for sealed mixing applications and the PhG and PhGM series, from $6000 to $20,000+ are examples of our “higher end” sanitary mixing solutions. 

Overall price range: $3000 to over $20,000

To view a video on our industrial mixers, or to see some of our products in action, visit our YouTube page.  Consult our diverse catalog of affordable, durable products.  INDCO provides unparalleled quality with unparalleled care. To talk to a customer service representative or work with one of our engineers to select or customize an industrial mixer, visit our contact page today or call us at 1-800-851-1049.