Economy or Heavy Duty Clamp Mount Mixers: Which One is Right for You?

INDCO Economy or Heavy Duty Clamp Mount Mixers: Which One is Right for You?

One of INDCO”s most versatile mixer families is clamp mount mixers.  Using a basic c-clamp mounting structure these mixers can be affixed directly to the sides of rigid tanks, installed on a tank mixer mounting brackets or paired with one of INDCO’s mixer mounting stands.

Our clamp mount mixers are available at two price points: economy and heavy duty.  So what are the differences and why should you choose one or the other?  First, let’s start with the motor.  INDCO features premium motors on all products regardless of price point.  You will get the same Baldor or Gast motor on either product line.  Below the motor is where the differences occur.  Our economy CL- and CLG-series have smaller shaft diameters than the heavy duty D- and GH-series.  The shaft is coupled directly to the motor output shaft which means all forces on the shaft during mixing are transmitted to the motor bearing.  Therefore, the economy mixer line is most suitable for gentle agitation or where duty cycles (percent of equipment “on” time) are short.

The heavy duty D- and GH-series mixers feature larger shaft diameters and include an additional bearing for increased stability and longer motor bearing life.  The steady bearing is housed in a cast aluminum “nose cone” bolted to the motor face.  Our heavy duty mixer models also feature a much stronger clamp assembly which rotates vertically and horizontally vs. vertical only for the economy version.  For aggressive mixing with significant turbulence and side loads on the mixer shaft, longer duty cycles or to get the maximum life from your investment heavy duty clamp mount mixers may be your best choice.