Need Industrial Mixers for Your Large Batches? We Have the Solution

INDCO Need Industrial Mixers for Your Large Batches? We Have the Solution

INDCO, Inc. has been a top provider of industrial mixers for portable containers since 1975.  We are well known in the industry as the fastest manufacturer of premium quality agitators and dispersers for laboratory scale, 55-gallon drum, ibc tote and portable tank applications . . . but what about those larger tanks?

Did you know that we can provide equipment for mixing batches to 10,000 gallons and sometimes beyond?  Customers who have become familiar with our ANSI flange mounted FM- and FMG-Series mixers have purchased from us time and again for top quality mixers at a value price.  This versatile series features models pre-configured for mixing light viscosities or can be configured for heavier materials by our engineers.  Baldor electric motors, Gast air motors and Boston Gear reducers provide the mechanical muscle behind standard models up to 5-horsepower.  Looking for a simpler mount?  Check out our Heavy-duty Plate Mount Mixers.  These models provide the power needed for larger batches with a simpler plate mount for open tank mixing or mounting on beams or other support structures.   Our largest customers for these industrial mixers include a variety of liquid product producers as well as architectural and engineering firms.

Let our engineers assist you with your larger volume mixing applications today.  Advice is free and we’re glad to provide competitive quotes.  Call today!