Advantages of Pneumatic Mixers

INDCO Advantages of Pneumatic Mixers

Producers of liquid products in today’s world have an almost endless number of choices available in industrial mixers: mounting systems, direct or gear-driven, materials of construction, impellers and so on.  One thing, however, that they all have in common is a motor.  Most of INDCO’s mixer designs are available with either air or electric powered motors.  For those customers with both compressed air and electrical service the choice of mixer can be based on economics of each customer’s pneumatic vs. electrical costs or may be influenced by specific process needs.

Here are a few practical considerations that may tilt the decision in the direction of an air motor.  The size and weight of an air motor is significantly less than that of an electric motor of the same horsepower.  Air motors are often chosen for mixers that are frequently moved or must fit into areas with space restrictions.  Air motors provide variable speed control using only a control valve and offer a wider speed range than electric motors.  They also have lower risk of failure due to misapplication.  Specifically, pneumatic motors simply stall when overloaded whereas electric motors can overheat leading to permanent failure.

Pneumatic motors are considered intrinsically safe for use with flammable solvents as compared to standard electric motors.  While explosion proof electric motors are available at higher cost, variable speed control requires remotely locating the VFD speed control in a non-hazardous location.

In summary, the advantages of pneumatic mixers are:

1.     Lighter than electric motors

2.     Easier to house in multiple locations

3.     Wider range for speed selection

4.     Less risk of permanent damage

5.     Safer when working with flammable solvents

Always look at the power source when choosing a new mixer whether it is air or electric.  Consideration must be given to the material properties, mixer speed and resulting torque in order to ensure that the mixer is working within its operating range.   Feel free to call INDCO sales representatives or engineers at any time to answer questions or help select your next mixer.