Why Choose a Floor Mounted Mixer?

INDCO Why Choose a Floor Mounted Mixer?

INDCO customers use a wide variety of mixer designs to meet their production demands.  Portable mixers are relatively light and readily transferrable making them a great choice when versatility is critical.  So when does it make sense to trade the portability of a clamp mount, drum lid mount or other similar design for a larger, sturdier floor mounted product?

The answer most likely lies in one or both of two places: the properties of the product being mixed or the nature of your production process.   As the viscosity of the mixture exceeds the capability of a portable model it becomes necessary to rigidly mount the mixer and secure the container.  Large mixing impellers with high surface area, used with more viscous fluids, generate high torque.  If left unrestrained the container will rotate.  Furthermore, the ability to precisely position the impeller vertically provides process control and flexibility.  Silicones, adhesives or even hummus that become a viscous paste are examples where a floor mounted mixer or disperser is a wise choice due to fluid properties.

Another consideration is production volume.  The ability to quickly process and change batches is supported by a lift mixer’s pneumatic or electric vertical lift control.  This quick changeover feature is of great benefit where multiple batches must be produced in a high production environment.  Although floor mounted models usually require a higher initial investment versus portable models they can save on labor costs as one operator can process multiple batches at a well-designed mixing station.

INDCO manufactures floor mounted mixers and dispersers.  Our MX-series handles higher viscosities in batches up to 55-gallons or beyond provided the container height is less than the impeller height with the unit in the fully raised position.  Our HS-series of dispersers includes models up to 20 horsepower for high speed dispersion in similar batch sizes.

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