Customized Industrial Mixers

Mark Hennis - President of INDCO, inc. Custom drum lid for industrial mixing
Although industrial mixers seem like straightforward products, there are various customizations and designs that can be manufactured. Not every industrial mixer is the perfect fit for every industry or company. Do you have a concept for an industrial mixer that increases your productivity or adapts a standard product to meet your specific needs?  
We assist our customers in implementing their ideas for customization and even produce some orders completely fitted to the customer’s prints. The “extreme duty” drum lid mixer design with stiffening plates to strengthen the lid, an “all-stainless steel” disperser for cosmetics production, and a tri-clamp mixer that adapts to a drum bung were all customer designs. Unique problems require unique solutions, and that's exactly our approach when problem solving with our customers. Take a look at this case study where our engineers adapted to a customer’s specific needs and came up with a unique design for their tote mixers. 

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INDCO’s experienced technical staff can develop your complete custom mixing system solution. The engineering department is available to speak directly to the end user to be sure they understand and design a model appropriate for the application. Contact our engineers at any time to discuss your project. We do our best to turn your ideas into reality and always look forward to our next industrial mixing system design!