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In commercial paint production, one’s choice of industrial mixer can be critical to achieving a high-quality end product. The use of the right mixer at the most critical moments in the paint-mixing process—from pigment addition to let-down processing to suspension of settled solids—can make the difference between a substandard product with poor performance and a quality product that results in overall success for the final user. As new developments are made, paint formulations continue to evolve, sometimes requiring different mixing methods than their earlier counterparts. Through all of these changes, the engineering experts at INDCO are here to help with cutting-edge thinking and technology to help you optimize your paint production.

Understanding Commercial Paint Mixing Equipment

It is imperative to know and understand the proper agitation requirements for today’s increasingly complex ingredient profiles. Although many commercial coatings manufacturers might view it as more convenient and cost-effective to maximize the use of existing equipment across product lines, there are times when one mixer simply cannot fit all applications. At times like these, only the right mixer for the specific processes and formulas will yield the desired end results.

Types of Commercial Paint Mixers

Benchtop Mixers
HSD-series:  INDCO’s smallest lab-scale disperser models are air-powered and are ideal for dispersions of five gallons, making them perfect for some of your smallest mixing jobs.

HS-Series:  The HS-Series features models from ½ to 2 horsepower.  These electric benchtop dispersers are designed for both small containers and ones of up to five gallons.  Benchtop dispersers are a great solution for imparting pigments or other ingredients directly into the batch, as they work on a very small scale using dispersion blades to thoroughly mix the intended product.

MX-1: The MX-1 (air or electric) offers higher torque and larger axial flow impellers than our smaller models.  The combination of higher torque and axial flow turbine impeller supports lower-shear, flow-based mixing in containers up to five gallons for the final stage of blending.

HSM-03V: This is INDCO’s most versatile benchtop mixer, offering two speed ranges to support either high-shear dispersion or high-viscosity blending. A simple changeover and change of impellers easily allows for a switch in mixing type, making it easy to mix a range of products with a single, adaptable piece of equipment. Marine style propellers, hydrofoils, or axial flow turbines can be used for flow-based blending. The use of dispersion blades will support high-shear mixing, and a bow-tie style impeller can be employed for very high viscosities.  The HSM-03V utilizes a 3-horsepower DC motor for constant torque performance when mixing higher-viscosity liquids.

Wide Range of Liquid Products

Floor Mount Mixers
HS-Series: The HS-Series includes models that range from 5 to 20 horsepower. Our larger, more powerful floor-mounted dispersers impart pigments and other solids into liquids under high shear. High shear is also used to ensure that blending multiple dissimilar liquids ends with a truly homogeneous mixture as the final product.

MX-Series: The MX-Series contains models that have 3 and 5 horsepower. These floor-mounted, lift-style mixers are rugged and feature gear reduction for higher torque, so they can easily mix 55-gallon drums or other tanks of similar volume. Axial flow turbine impellers are supplied for maximum flow of higher viscosity formulations as well.

Tank Mounted Mixers
TM-Series: INDCO’s top-mounted tank mixers are made for agitating liquids in larger tanks that range from 100 gallons to as many as 50,000 gallons.  These mixers are ideal for batch or continuous processing in non-sealed applications, and they feature quiet, highly efficient operation. For efficient blending of lower viscosities, these mixers can be configured with hydrofoils. For liquids of higher viscosity, axial flow turbine impellers can be utilized to ensure a high-quality mix regardless of internal friction.

Portable Mixers
BT-Series & BGF-Series: If a product that has been stored or distributed in IBC totes has started to settle and separate, INDCO’s IBC tote bracket mounted mixers are ideal for mixing and suspending this settled product. Also see our BTC-series and BGTC-series tote mixers for enhanced operational and ergonomic features for maximum efficacy and comfort.

D-Series and GH-series: These models include our heavy-duty clamp mixers that have been designed for production mixing in open-top containers. These mixers are available in a wide variety of power ratings, and can have either air or electric power sources. These mixers come in the standard gear-drive configuration and in direct-drive configuration for higher precision, zero backlash, and lower overall weight.

Choosing the Right Commercial Paint Mixing Equipment

With a vast selection of commercial paint mixing equipment to choose from, it can seem overwhelming to equip your processing facility with the proper tools. On the flip side, this also means you can expect customized results for your business’s unique needs. Whether you know exactly what you are after or are less certain about how to optimize your paint mixing processes, the team at INDCO is here to help.

For nearly 45 years, we have provided engineering expertise to help you with your industrial mixer design and specification. We can handle either small-batch benchtop production volumes or volumes of up to of thousands of gallons. Our mixers are designed to thoroughly and properly mix latex bases, primers, specialty products, and more.

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