Tote Mixer Selection: Five Important Considerations

Jon Larson Tote Mixer Selection: Five Important Considerations

Production and distribution of liquid products in IBC totes has been a growing trend in the U.S. for several years. Bulk containers facilitate more efficient distribution of larger product volumes than other containers such as 55-gallon drums. INDCO has long been a provider of agitators for IBC’s with options including direct-drive tote cap mounted and gear-driven bracket mounted models.

Our deluxe IBC Tote Mixers offer features for both operational efficiency and ergonomics. Especially when movement of the mixer from tote to tote is necessary. The video demonstrates how one employee can set up and use the mixer with the gantry crane.  These models provide the torque necessary for mixing medium to heavy viscosity materials such as slurries, polymers, inks and coatings or for suspending settled particles.

Our customer service agents and applications engineers can facilitate selection of the tote mixer type and model to best meet your needs.  Providing them with the following will help them do so most effectively:

  1. 1. Initial ingredient and final product viscosities
  2. 2. Specific gravity or weight per gallon of ingredients
  3. 3. Identification of corrosive or flammable properties
  4. 4. Solubility of solids and concentration used
  5. 5. Desired process outcome (blended liquids, solid suspension, etc.

From the above information our team can specify mounting type, horsepower, torque and impeller design and size. Contact our friendly staff for all your tote mixing needs today!