How to Choose an Industrial Mixer Stand

INDCO How to Choose an Industrial Mixer Stand

Step by step guide to help you choose your industrial mixer stand. INDCO offers a wide range of industrial and sanitary mixer stands. choosing your mixing stand.

1. What container type are you using?

Industrial mixer stands are configured to work with IBC totes, 55 gallon drums and various sized mixing tanks.

2. Will the stand be stationary or portable?

A variety of stationary mixer stands are available for mounting to the floor or portable stands include casters for easy mobility.

3. What mixer type will be mounted to the stand?

Stands are available for clamp mount mixers as well as drum lid mixers.

4. Is stand vertical adjustment manual or powered?

Stand vertical adjustment options include manual pin selection, pneumatic cylinder or electric actuator models.

5. What are your available utilities?

Availability of compressed air or electricity will be required to operate your stand.

6. What materials of construction are required?

Most industrial stands are painted carbon steel. Non painted stainless steel models are available by request for sanitary environments.


To get the most out of industrial mixers, especially those used for multiple applications, the appropriate mixer stand can provide portability and employee safety.  With pneumatic and electric models available on the market manual lifting and positioning of potentially heavy mixers is unnecessary.

Furthermore, many stands in the market are equipped with casters on the base enabling a single operator to move mixing operations as needed.  Container size and available workspace plays a part in choosing which style of lift will work best for each given situation.

Mixer stands are not sold with a mixer, once you have chosen the best stand for your application consult the choosing your mixing stand infographic for help deciding what mixer model fits your stand.

If you need more assistance INDCO’s sales engineers will walk you through the process and make sure you get the stand and mixer that will work for your application needs. Contact us at