New Lift Mixer from INDCO

INDCO New Lift Mixer from INDCO

INDCO’s new HSM-03V is our most versatile and fully-featured lift mixer ever! The 3 horsepower mixer can handle challenging mixing and dispersing applications up to five gallons normally requiring more than one mixer. Initially developed for processing viscous printing inks, the HSM-03V is also a great general purpose laboratory or production mixer.   The constant torque 3-hp DC motor, two-pulley belt-driven transmission and electronic control mixes formulations exceeding 100,000 cps at low speed and performs single shaft dispersions up to 50,000 cps at higher RPM. Shaft speed range is 60-1,200 RPM and can be modified to 135-2,800 RPM by the user.

Features include:

- Large stainless steel backsplash for containers up to 5 gallons

- Rigid carbon steel frame construction

- Limit switch

- Physical shaft guard

- Front-facing E-stop

- Shipped with bowtie impeller (dispersion blade available upon request)

- Container bracket – easy hand knob retention system

- White epoxy finish and sanitary impellers available (call for quote)

Visit our YouTube channel to see the mixer’s features up close and to see it in action. INDCO provides expert application assistance and the industry’s fastest lead times so call one of our sales engineers to see how we can help you with your mixing needs!

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