Drill Attachment Mixers for Springtime Project

INDCO Drill Attachment Mixers for Springtime Project

Springtime and warmer weather trigger the start of new construction, home improvement and structural repair projects across America.   Products ranging from paints, sealants and adhesives to drywall mud, mortars and stucco’s begin to move from warehouse or big box store shelves.   What do all these products have in common?  They each require mixing (or re-mixing) on the job site.  A well-chosen drill attachment mixer can efficiently help you make the most of existing tools and save time and effort in achieving a homogeneous product consistency.  INDCO carries a broad selection of these products to choose from including each of the following:

The Jiffy Mixer Product Line:  With models to fit chuck sizes from ¼” to ¾” and containers from one pint to 100 gallons, the 304 stainless steel Jiffy Mixer product line is a customer favorite for smooth mixing of viscous products with minimal air entrapment.  The unique blade design pulls settled material from the bottom while also pulling low viscosity liquids on top into the mix.

Squirrel Mixers:  This popular polypropylene molded “cage” type design mixes FAST!  Great for paints, drywall mud, epoxies or other viscous products the Squirrel Mixers create an intense vortex action very quickly.  Safe and easy to clean, the plastic design won’t flake or chip.  Squirrel Mixers are available for one- and five-gallon containers.

RM-Series:  The RM-series has a bell shaped cast impeller design specifically configured for moving settled material on the container bottom.  There are five models to choose from for batches from 5 to 55 gallons.

Folding Mixers:  For insertion through small openings INDCO offers a selection of drill attachment mixers with folding blades.  The FM-series is available with single or double impellers.  Each impeller has five folding blades that open in a star-like configuration with shaft rotation.  The Model  400-A and 400-B folding mixers have three and four folding impellers, respectively,  with each impeller consisting of two blades that open during rotation.  Similarly, our TMS-series offers another blade design option and consists of two-bladed folding impellers.   The FM-series,  400-series and TMS-series models all pass through openings 2” in diameter or smaller and can mix volumes from 1 to 55 gallons.  See specifications in the INDCO catalog or on our website at www.INDCO.com for each specific model.

Too many to choose from?  Talk to one of our friendly customer service representatives or engineers.  We can help you select our most popular drill attachments for your application.  For more information, visit www.indco.com or call 800-851-1049.