Meet Mike Grady

INDCO Meet Mike Grady

INDCO is a very customer focused organization.  Many people are available within the organization to help customers.  Mike Grady is one of those working in the engineering and sales department to assist customers in answering questions and helping those choose the right equipment to meet their mixing needs.

Mike has been with INDCO nearly 3 years.  He comes from an industrial manufacturer’s background and has dealt with project concepts and planning, product development & verification, design release and finally product introduction.  These skills have made him a great asset to INDCO.  With Mike’s creative personality, he has assisted in both designing new concepts to INDCO’s standard product offering, as well as on a daily basis helps configure equipment for each customer’s unique application.

A wide gamma of mixing applications are put in front our engineering team.  Those applications that require both a mixer and tank combination in large scale for pharmaceutical use can at times be the most challenging but also the most interesting to Mike.  The custom nature of many of these designs are just too numerous to mention.  It is not just the pharmaceutical area that can be interesting.  He has designed units for mixing foods, chemicals, paints, adhesives, cosmetics, you name it…  Common attributes needed to size a mixer are viscosity, specific gravity, container size and dimensions, and desired material results are all important pieces of information for Mike to make application decisions.

Speaking directly to an application engineer in the mixing industry isn’t always too common.   At INDCO, the applications engineering team is happy to speak directly to customers to help evaluate each specific need.  Mike appreciates working with a team trying to reach a common goal of helping the customer.  Anyone on the engineering team can be reached by calling the sales line at 800-682-1660.