What is a Bung Mount Mixer?

INDCO What is a Bung Mount Mixer?

Trying to identify the type of mixer you need for your application can start with the type of container that you are mixing in.  Several different mounting options are available.  A common way to mix in industrial applications when working with drums or pails is to take advantage of mixing with the lid closed utilizing the bung openings located on the top of the lid.

If your drum or pail lid consists of a 2” threaded bung opening, a bung mount mixer might be a good choice.  A bung mount mixer is usually a mixer with either a casting that includes threads to screw into a bung hole or a mixer with a mount that rests on the lid and has impellers that will easily collapse and enter into the bung opening.  By keeping the lid on the container, you can reduce possible splashing during operation as well as reducing the setup time some mounting options may require.

INDCO offers the CB and CBG series lines of mixers that clamps to the rim of a drum and angles such that if mixing with the lid on, the shaft will enter through the 2” opening and the collapsible impellers will open when in operation.  This series of mixers offer the advantage of being able to clamp to both an open or closed drum.  The BU and BUG series of bung entering mixers is ideally designed to screw directly into the 2” bung opening and also include the collapsible impellers.  If working with a 5 gallon pail, the Quic Series of mixers is a ring mount style unit that rests on the pail.  These mixers have a thumb screw on the top plate that allows for lateral movement of the mixer making installing through the bung hole easy.  Quic mixers also feature collapsible impellers that open with centrifugal force when mixing.