INDCO’s Top Seller for December 2013

INDCO INDCO’s Top Seller for December 2013

Pneumatic 1 ½ Horsepower Gear-Driven Drum Lid Mixer

Every month we assist customers with industrial mixer selection for a vast array of liquid products produced or stored in containers from laboratory scale beakers to tanks exceeding 10,000 gallons. The standard 55-gallon steel drum continues to be a popular container for production and distribution of liquid products.  Our leading seller for December 2013 was the DLG-1A, a gear-driven, air-powered agitator integrated into a standard 55-gallon drum lid.  The rugged DLG-series drum lid mixer is excellent for use with heavy bodied coatings, epoxies, mud, plaster and slurries. The 1-1/2 HP air motor provides maximum agitation when supplied with 100 PSI @ 70 CFM. See our air motor performance guide for operation at lower air flow. The 5:1 ratio gearbox and speed control valve provide the torque and control for agitation from 60-600 RPM. The 30" shaft attaches to the motor coupler and two 10" impellers with set screws.  All wetted parts are 316 stainless steel for chemical resistance. This model features a Gast air motor which is known for its rugged construction and reliability. Air motors deliver variable speed for maximum flexibility or multiple applications. They are lighter weight than our electric models and reduce the possibility of explosion in a combustible environment.

Whether the DLG-series or one of our many other mixer product lines is the right choice for your application we would love to hear from you.  Our certified customer service representatives and experienced applications engineers are available every day to answer your questions and assist with mixer selection or sizing based on your materials and working volume.  We find every customer and application to be intriguing and enjoy adding value wherever we can.  Call INDCO today for the complete solution to all your industrial mixing needs.