Custom Designs Can Lead to New Standard Products

INDCO Custom Designs Can Lead to New Standard Products

INDCO, Inc. has offered one of the most diverse lines of industrial mixers, tanks and associated process accessories since 1975.  While the majority of our sales consist of standard products we frequently make design modifications to suit a given customer application.  This fact should be well known as we make our engineers directly accessible to our customers via phone and/or email and have done so for many years.

What may not be as widely known is that from time to time we take on a completely custom design project.  Our criteria for doing so are that it is within our knowledge base and design capabilities and can be offered at a price our customer is willing to pay.  The experience gained on these projects has fueled our launch of new products into new markets and connected us with new customers.  Specifically, unique design projects have furthered our activity in the pharmaceutical, food and automotive industries over the past three years.  By interacting collaboratively with customers to solve current problems we are developing solutions in advance for the next customer who approaches us with the same need.

We always encourage our current and prospective customers to call us and benefit from our knowledge.  Doing so has the positive effect of also growing our knowledge and experience through customers’ shared information.  We’re happy to brainstorm ideas, evaluate mixing applications or to simply size equipment to the batch size and properties of your product.

Whether it is a unique mixer mount, specialized mixer stand, custom laboratory workstation or any process mixing related solution with which we can assist please call us!  We would love to talk to you.  See our helpful customer service, engineering and management staff with contact information on our website at