Electric Motors on INDCO Equipment

INDCO Electric Motors on INDCO Equipment

To assist you in the selection of the correct motor for your industrial mixing application, we offer some basic motor information. To begin with, you will need to determine the horsepower of your industrial mixer. For this please contact our Sales & Engineering group for assistance. Second, determine what electrical power you have available at the location where you plan to use the mixer.

There are two common forms of AC electricity – single-phase and three-phase. Single-phase is usually available in 115V and 230V. Most single-phase motors can be wired for either 115V or 230V. Three-phase is usually available in 208V, 230V and 460V. Most three-phase motors can be wired for either of the three voltage ratings. The standard frequency in the United States is 60 Hz. Other voltage and cycles are usually available.

The most common types of electric motor enclosures used on industrial mixers are described below.

  • Open Drip-Proof (ODP) has ventilation openings in the end shield and shell placed so drops of liquid falling within an angle of 15 degrees from vertical will not affect performance. Usually used in indoors, in fairly clean locations. This type of motor is not explosion-proof.
  • Totally-Enclosed, Fan-Cooled (TEFC) and Totally-Enclosed, Non-Ventilated (TENV) has not ventilation openings in the motor housing (but not airtight, waterproof, or explosion-proof).  These are commonly used in locations that are dusty or dirty.
  • Explosion-Proof (EP) is a totally enclosed motor designed to withstand an internal explosion or specified gases or vapors and not allow the internal flame or explosion to escape. Explosion-proof motors are individually rated for specific gases, vapors and conditions. Most INDCO explosion-proof motors are listed as Class I, Group D and Class II, Groups E, F and G by Underwriters Laboratories®.

If you do not find a mixer with the electrical requirements you are looking for, contact INDCO for a quote.