INDCO Customer Service Training: Hands-on Experience

INDCO INDCO Customer Service Training: Hands-on Experience

INDCO strives to provide the best possible customer service and technical guidance.  Our customer service representatives and engineers work with multiple analytical tools to help select and size the appropriate industrial mixer for each customer’s application.  This usually involves crunching numbers such as product viscosity, specific gravity, working volumes, etc.

We are excited when we have the opportunity to get more hands-on in the mixing process.  We recently got to assist a customer with a small scale dispersion application where the finished product was a gel.  The challenge was to minimize air entrapment and suspended air bubbles.  Using only minor process adjustments and a standard laboratory stirrer set-up with a 1” dispersion blade we successfully assisted the customer in achieving the desired product properties.  Furthermore, we recommended mixing equipment for future scale up of the batch size.  Our customer was thrilled with the assistance and our employees gained first-hand knowledge of the equipment they sell.  This was truly a win-win activity for INDCO and our customer.

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