Meet Mark Heun – INDCO Engineer

INDCO Meet Mark Heun – INDCO Engineer

INDCO offers mixing and dispersion equipment and related accessories direct to the end user.  Our direct sales distribution through a catalog and website allows INDCO to offer very competitive prices.  We have a qualified sales staff to help with your selection needs.  Something that sets INDCO apart is that we have a group of sales engineers readily available to help with advanced sizing and technical expertise.  These engineers can be contacted directly to discuss your needs.  Among our engineers, Mark Heun has answered questions and sized mixers for INDCO for more than 5 years now.  Mark’s background includes a BS in Mechanical Engineering as well as an MBA.

Over the years, Mark has had the honor of speaking to many customers, from large corporations to very small start-up companies, to help them find the optimum mixing equipment for their operation.  After many requests for an electric version of the tote lid mixer, Mark helped develop the TL series electric line of mixers that is now one of our top sellers.  Mark’s creative traits allows him to think outside of the box to design the mixer that is perfect for you.  For technical expertise or advice, contact INDCO’s sales and engineering departments today.