Mixer Motor Efficiency: Is a Super-E Motor Right for My Application?

INDCO Mixer Motor Efficiency: Is a Super-E Motor Right for My Application?

Electric motors used in industry account for the single largest source of electricity consumption by end users.  Motors convert electrical energy into mechanical energy for an almost endless list of applications that certainly includes industrial mixers and dispersers.  If motors were 100% efficient all of the electric energy would result in rotation without losses from friction and heat.  This, however, is simply not reality.

Most INDCO mixers are in the range of ¼ hp to 5 hp and there are a few products that go as high as 20 hp.  According to Baldor Electric, one of our featured suppliers of premium quality electric motors, an average 1 hp motor in use in the U.S. is 75% efficient or below.  In recent years, legislation was passed requiring electric motor manufacturers to meet higher efficiency requirements, thereby reducing electricity used per motor.  The Baldor Super-E motor family of products exceeds the new standards.  For our example, 1 hp motor Super-E motors perform at over 85% efficiency.  When the incremental energy savings for an operation utilizing multiple motors at high duty cycles is evaluated, the savings become significant.  The lifecycle cost of motors and motor-driven equipment should always be a consideration at the time of purchase.  Acquisition cost alone may not provide the most cost effective long-term solution.

Ask our engineers about optional Super-E motors on your next industrial mixer purchase.