How to Measure a Propeller or Impeller Diameter


We field a lot of questions surrounding our industrial mixers because we serve a variety of industries like the pharmaceutical industry or the makers of cbd oil. It’s important to know which of our products best serves your needs. It could be a question of whether an electric stirrer or an air stirrer is better suited. It could be a matter of whether an agitator or mixer is the right call. It could even be a question of whether swirling or mixing fluid motion is best for your product. Whatever it may be we want to make sure you at least pick the right size of impeller for you.

We are often asked how to measure propeller diameter for our industrial mixers.  The diameter of a circle is the distance from any point on the circle straight across the center to the opposite side of the circle.  In measuring a 2-bladed or 4-bladed impeller, simply measure the point from the outer most tip of the blade across the bore, or center hole, to the outer most tip of the opposite blade.

The confusion lies when measuring a 3-bladed impeller.  In measuring a 3-bladed propeller or impeller, you do not have a blade exactly opposite across the hub’s bore.  The trick is to measure the radius and multiply it by 2 to get the diameter.  Measure the outer most tip of the blade to the center of the bore to obtain the radius.  Therefore, a propeller or impeller that measures a radius of 3” from the tip of the blade to the center of the bore will have a diameter of 6”.  (A 3” radius multiplied x 2 equals a 6” diameter.)

We are proud to serve a variety of industries with a large product mix. Let our impellers speak for themselves as we serve the best by providing the best

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