INDCO: Your Source for the Best Mixer Parts

INDCO INDCO: Your Source for the Best Mixer Parts

Your premium quality INDCO mixer is designed to perform reliably over a long service life.  Featuring top brand American made components such as Baldor electric motors, Gast pneumatic motors and Boston Gear reducers, mechanical failures should be rare events.  INDCO uses only North American 316 stainless steel so you can be sure of its composition.  Our talented CNC machinists, welders and assemblers ensure that your components are fabricated to close tolerances for that perfect fit.

Mixer impellers, shafts and sometimes couplers can wear over time or suffer damage during the normal course of use.  Impellers can suffer excessive wear when used with abrasive products or perhaps the set screw no longer holds the way it used to.  Does your mixer “wobble” from a shaft that has become bent?  Perhaps your air motor has become bogged down and needs a “rebuild”.  If any of these symptoms sound familiar INDCO can assist you with rapid response on mixer parts.  Whether it’s an air motor rebuild kit, new shaft or even that rare motor or gearbox problem we can ship many parts the day you order.  Others may have a short lead time.  Finally, we always offer competitive prices and we can even provide some parts for competitive products.

Our focus is to keep you in production.  Call our customer service representatives or engineers for your mixer parts needs today!