Meet Jacinda Maudlin

INDCO Meet Jacinda Maudlin

INDCO is a thriving company in the mixing and dispersion market due to the work of many important employees.  Some are up front and accessible through the sales phone lines, attending trades shows, or directly shown on the website.  Many are behind the scenes but play just as an important role.  As we’ve grown over the years from traditional catalog company to a multi-channel digital marketer, Jacinda Maudlin, our Internet marketing manager has played an important part.  Jacinda celebrates 4 years at INDCO in March 2013.

Jacinda has developed her Internet development knowledge through hands on experience here at INDCO.  She has been an integral part of designing our newest robust site, creating an online experience for our customers.  Jacinda’s creative side enjoys being able to learn new things every day.  Working with the Internet gives immediate gratification of the work that she does. Sending an email, uploading a video or improving the site has almost instant metrics to say whether or not it was successful.

As technology changes and customer demands for immediate online information grows through the developing channels of phones, tablets, etc., Internet marketing is ever-changing and exciting.  Jacinda can be found on the other end working to make your mixing learning experience and buying through INDCO rewarding.