How Do I Choose the Right Industrial Mixer?

INDCO How Do I Choose the Right Industrial Mixer?

How many horsepower do I need? Should I buy a direct drive or gear-driven mixer?  What size and type of impeller works best? These are just some of the questions that people ask when looking for an industrial mixer. Today we will try to at least get you into the right zip code of the mixer by covering some basics.

First, make a note of some key information about your process and the desired output.  The following is a list of important information that will be helpful to have on hand:

- Batch Volume(s) including minimum and maximum desired batches if applicable.

- Vessel dimensions (diameter, overall height, liquid depth) and geometry

- Material properties

  • Initial ingredient and final product viscosities
  • Specific gravity or weight per gallon of ingredients
  • Corrosive or flammable properties
  • Solubility of solids and concentration used

- Desired process outcome (blended liquid, solids suspension, etc.)

- Process description

- Sequence of ingredient addition

- Previous processes successfully used

Of the above having the batch size, viscosity and specific gravity at a minimum will get you started. By understanding the desired batch size and tank dimensions INDCO customer service or engineering can assist you with selecting the right impeller type and speed. Low viscosity liquids that blend well can use either a direct drive mixer with a smaller impeller (about 1/3 the tank diameter) turning fast or a gear-driven unit with larger impeller turning more slowly. The difference is where in the tank that the liquid flows from each impeller size. The viscosity and specific gravity (or weight per gallon) will determine the resistance encountered by the mixer and the torque on the shaft.  Having this information will help us to guide you to the right size unit.

Many of our mixers are pre-configured for tanks in standard sizes as well as for the following common containers: 275-gallon and 330-gallon IBC totes, 30- and 55-gallon drums, 5-gallon pails and others. We hope this helps and for expert assistance in finding the mixer that’s just right for you contact INDCO at 800-682-1660.