Replacement Parts for Your INDCO Mixer

INDCO Replacement Parts for Your INDCO Mixer

Your INDCO mixers are built to provide years of reliable service. Constructed of high-quality raw materials machined for precision assembly and trouble-free operation the need for service parts should not be frequent. As with all mechanical equipment, however, parts subjected to high stress and wear over time eventually require replacement. When the need for parts does arise consult our website or customer service department. INDCO replacement parts include motors (air or electric), gearboxes, mounting brackets and clamps, bearings and shafts. See our extensive line of impellers to find your original design or consult with us if you decide to change. Remember, mixer horsepower and torque are designed based on the impeller they drive so changing style or increasing diameter may not be feasible.  Contact us anytime for parts questions or any others relating to your mixing application. Our advice is free and we are here to help you.