INDCO’s PhGM-Series Mixer: The Portable, Powerful Sanitary Mixer

INDCO INDCO’s PhGM-Series Mixer: The Portable, Powerful Sanitary Mixer

The challenge:  Small batch laboratory agitation of low-viscosity pharmaceutical grade products.  Application examples have included production of ophthalmic solutions and gentle agitation of skin cells grown in the laboratory.  Portability to move the mixer from vessel to vessel or for a single gearmotor drive to power multiple mixers that remain installed in their vessels has at times been desirable.  How about an industrial mixer that can remain installed on the vessel in an autoclave?

The answer:  INDCO’s PhGM-series tri-clamp® mixers.  These powerful, yet modular mixers are driven by fractional horsepower gearmotors that plug conveniently into a 120 volt single phase wall outlet.  Unlike mixers with much heavier discrete motors and gearboxes, the gearmotor drive unit can be easily removed by a single operator using a simple tri-clamp® connection.  The spider coupling feature means there is no shaft coupler to tighten as the two coupling halves feature teeth that interlock when aligned.  The drive unit consists of a DC motor control and 6-ft. cord.

The vessel’s contents remain sealed from the environment by an externally mounted dry-running mechanical seal and all wetted parts are 316 stainless steel polished to 25 Ra with finer finished available.  If a versatile, portable and operator-friendly sanitary mixing solution is needed in your lab, call INDCO’s application engineers today!

Tri-clamp is a registered trademark of the Alfa Laval Co.