Choosing the Best Mixer for Your Industry

INDCO Choosing the Best Mixer for Your Industry

Engineers and operations professionals choose industrial mixers to meet individual process requirements based on array of information. This includes batch volume and material properties such as viscosity and specific gravity in order to properly size the drive motor and select an impeller style. Other considerations include indoor or outdoor location, desired mounting method and required utilities. These are all important considerations, but what about the customer’s industry itself?

Understanding specifications and code requirements that govern equipment design in some industries is of critical importance. For example, 3A and FDA specifications dictate acceptable stainless steel alloys and minimum radii on wetted parts for mixers used in the food and beverage industries. Similarly, the ASME BPE 2009 specification for bioprocessing equipment and cGMP process documents govern sealed sanitary mixing requirements in the pharmaceutical and biomedical industries.

In addition to specifications, a thorough understanding of compounds commonly used across industries is a must in order to configure a mixing system that provides the desired process result and is appropriate for its environment. Solvents used in the paint & coatings industry may produce flammable fumes that require explosion-proof electric or air powered mixers.  Chemical and petroleum industry applications may be outdoors and subject to the elements necessitating epoxy-coated washdown or stainless steel drive components. Polymers produced in the plastics and rubber industries may call for coated shaft and impellers to aid in cleaning of mixer components.

The list of mixing system design considerations can be long and complex. INDCO has served the above industries and many more since 1975. Call our customer service department or speak to one of our engineers whenever you need assistance. Providing assistance and technical support is as important to us as selling products.