A Closer Look at Air-Driven Mixers

INDCO 4 HP Air Gear Drive Economy Clamp Mount Mixer

What is an Air-Driven Mixer?

Air-driven mixers have been around since the early 1900s and have been used since then in industries such as construction, manufacturing, food processing, and more. These air-powered mixers function by using compressed air to turn the vanes of pneumatic motor which in turn rotates a mixing impeller, creating turbulence that mixes materials together. They are immensely popular across liquid processing industries.  Depending upon whether the mixer is a direct-drive design which rotates directly at the speed of the motor or if a gearbox is added to reduce rpm and increase torque air-driven mixers can be configured for applications for a wide range of specific gravities and viscosities: these might include paint and coatings, plastics, rubber, cosmetics and food products, to name just a few.

Air-powered mixers can also be used to mix flammable or otherwise volatile substances, since electric mixers pose the risk of creating a spark and igniting these explosive materials. Though operating costs for air-driven mixers can be more expensive than other types of mixers and require more frequent maintenance, they are well-suited to their specific mixing environments and can improve the safety factor of the mixing location. They also have a lower risk of permanent damage due to failure, as an issue with a pneumatic motor results in stalling rather than in overheating as with electrical motors. As such, air-driven mixers are often worth the extra time and cost associated with them.


Top Uses for Air-Driven Mixers

Air-driven mixers are a great choice for many industries, as they are lightweight, easy to use, and can be employed in a variety of different settings, especially in tighter spaces with less room for equipment. They are commonly found in almost every liquid processing industry including the food and beverage industry where they are used to mix ingredients for various consumable products including condiments and dressings, juices, barbecue sauces and more. The chemical industry and the pharmaceutical industry are other areas where air-powered mixers are used with great frequency.  However, one of the most prevalent uses for air-driven mixers is in the paint and coatings industry where the inherently-safe feature of not generating a spark makes them a great choice for addition of pigments or producing small batches of customized formulations.


How to Choose Which Air-Driven Mixer Best Fits Your Needs

Each specific mixing application calls for different features, so the air-driven mixer that you will need depends heavily on what you are mixing, the container type and size and the operational requirements for the production environment. For portable containers such as IBC totes, air-driven tote mixers, like the HP Air Direct Drive IBC Tote Mixer, are a great choice for their small size and light weight, helping you keep your materials blended during or following transportation or storage. If your operation is in a fixed location, a more permanent tank mixer can be affixed to a holding tank to blend materials. 1-1/2 HP Air 44 HP Air Gear Drive Economy Clamp Mount Mixer

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