Powerful & Portable 5-Gallon Mixing Needs?

INDCO Powerful & Portable 5-Gallon Mixing Needs?

INDCO says “No Problem”

The five-gallon pail is a common working volume for mixing and storing liquid materials. An extremely wide variety of products are sold five gallons at a time including paints, adhesives, joint compound and many more. Following idle time on store shelves, on the back of a truck or in a warehouse these products often require some degree of agitation to restore them to the consistency they displayed when originally produced. The five-gallon pail is also the ideal batch size for many products mixed for the first time either on a job site, in small-batch production or in a lab. Rather than stirring something that was premixed, products such as mortar or grout can be blended right where they are needed in this convenient working volume.

The least expensive but most time-consuming and less than ergonomically ideal methods for five-gallon pail mixing include stir sticks, paddles and small drill motor attachments. While perhaps acceptable for low viscosity, easily blended liquids they are much less effective for achieving consistency with higher viscosity materials or blending solids with liquids. The manual movement to all areas of the pail required of the “motor”, a person’s hands in this case, results in areas of poorly-mixed or unmixed product not to mention the ergonomic strain placed on the operator.

The most effective solution for a wide range of pail mixing applications involves the use of a pail mixer designed specifically for the type of materials being mixed. INDCO is pleased to offer several convenient pail mixers that are both portable in size and effective.

See our website to view FGM-, MAT-Q-, PM- and M-60-series pail mixer features. Our customer service and engineering personnel are always available to make recommendations on the best mixer for you. Call us anytime at 1-800-682-1660.