INDCO Inc. Celebrates 40 Years of Industrial Mixing

INDCO INDCO Inc. Celebrates 40 Years of Industrial Mixing

INDCO, Incorporated is celebrating its 40th anniversary as a premier provider of mixing system solutions, specializing in batch sizes up to 5,000 gallons. The company was founded in 1975 by Charlie Broadus as a producer of industrial mixers for the paint and coatings industry and is headquartered in New Albany, Indiana. Broadus was a Chemical Engineer for Dupont and decided to create his own mixer line to sell to Dupont. Once established, he branched out selling his mixer line to other paint companies.

What started as a paint mixer manufacturer grew into an international company that now offers a wide selection of mixing equipment and accessories for a variety of industries. During the past 40 years INDCO has built a tradition of excellence in providing its customers with the industry’s best lead times, on-time delivery and response, friendly and knowledgeable service with timely and accurate communication. INDCO offers a quarterly printed catalog that is available via sign up on their website or can be digitally downloaded. The company also provides its customers with product resources such as manuals, videos, and more to better help them choose the right mixing equipment.

INDCO President Mark Hennis proudly states, “In recent years we have improved our Internet presence, expanded our product line and entered new markets. However, our primary focus is still on being helpful to our customers. Whether it’s to educate them on mixing systems, collaborate to configure the perfect solution, or provide expedited service in an emergency situation, we are there to assist.” Hennis said, “As a company we strive every day to grow and adapt to our customers’ needs and wants, but we still rely strongly on what has made us successful for the last 40 years - our friendly and knowledgeable customer service agents and applications engineers.”

The original product line at INDCO was focused on portable mixers for pails and drums and has grown exponentially over the years. Those additions include a variety of mixing impellers, multiple new mixer designs focused on larger applications, agitation in bulk containers and specialized mixers for the sanitary industries.

According to INDCO Sales and Customer Service Manager, Tricia Thien, “We have an average of nearly ten years of service per employee with the experience and knowledge to support your mixing system needs with the right equipment built to high quality standards. Thien states that, “Even though we do still reach our customers through our quarterly catalog distribution you can find us on Google, social media (Facebook and Twitter) and through our company website. Customer service is still readily available by phone, email or fax as we have been for the last 40 years. Now, we are just growing in efficiency.”

INDCO works closely with customers to help identify and develop industrial mixing equipment and solutions that will best meet their needs. After all this time, the company continues to be challenged and honored by the support of its customers. To celebrate INDCO’s 40th anniversary there will be special offers for customers to take advantage via Facebook and Twitter throughout 2015.

About INDCO, Inc. 

INDCO, Incorporated was founded in 1975 as a producer of industrial mixers for the paint and coatings industry. INDCO experienced tremendous evolution and growth through the 1990’s and now serves thousands of loyal customers in a wide variety of industries and applications. Moving into 2015 and beyond INDCO plans to add more successful history to the company. INDCO is currently located at 4040 Earnings Way in the New Albany, Indiana.