How to Get the Most From Your Dispersion

INDCO IND_1402_008_Infographic_v2

1. Define Your Product Characteristics - Viscosity/Heat-sensitive? Thixotropic?

2. Choose Blade Design - Design A, B, C, or D by max recommended viscosity or E for cutting/shredding

3. Choose Blade Diameter - Approximately 1/3 the diameter of the vessel

4. Blade Positioning - Locate one full blade diameter off tank bottom - min depth above blade not less than below

5. Mounting Accessories - Determine if hubs adapters or shafts are needed to mount blade to equipment

6. Hole Pattern - Determine center hole diameter & bolt holes or keyways if needed

7. Tip Speed - FPM = RPM x .262 x blade diameter inches (optimum blade tip speed should run 2500 to 5000 feet per minute)

8. Remember - Particle starting at outer edge of container should travel to center of vortex in less than 360 degrees

9. Manufacture Product - Particles hitting the blade & particles hitting one another in the zone of attrition are broken apart. Particles are then dispersed by laminar flow.