Coloring Mulch

INDCO Coloring Mulch

A recent caller was interested in coloring mulch in large production volume.  Commercial products are on the market to color mulch.  Many times these colorants are supplied in 55 gallon drums or IBC totes.  A common concern is that over time or during transportation, these colorants settle in the containers and need to re- mixed or re-suspended.  INDCO offers a variety of electric and air powered mixers to solve that problem.

Some options for mixing colorants in IBC totes are the TL series tote lid mixer, the BT series or BTC series bracket mount mixers.  The TL series is a lightweight option that is equipped complete with a standard 6” tote lid and easily installs in the top of the IBC tote for operation.  Model TL-4A is a 4 HP air powered mixer that can mix in a 275 gallon tote of liquid materials with viscosities up to 500 centipoise providing medium agitation results.  The equivalent BT-4A or BTC-4A 4 HP air models will do the same job.  The BT-11A is a bracket mount mixer that fits around the cage of the tote.  The deluxe BTC model is enhanced with dual toggle clamps and can be upgraded with forklift channels or a hoisting eye for operational or ergonomic efficiencies.  It is important to review the air requirements before purchasing an air powered mixer.  Electric and gear reduced versions are also an option.

The 55 gallon drum of colorants can allow for a variety of mounting options.  Clamp, bung-entering, and drum lid models are just a few options.  The popular CL4-A economy clamp mount mixer should provide similar results as the tote mixer options above.  Pair it with a portable stand model PSW84 and easily accommodate mixing multiple drums with the mobility of the casters on the stand and the raising and lowering of the mixer with a cable and pulley.

For specific application sizing, it is best to provide your container size, viscosity and specific gravity of the materials to be mixed and your power requirements to find the best value in your mixer selection.  Sales and engineering support is available.  For more information, visit