From sanitary to industrial applications the INDCO heavy-duty, flange-mount mixer line is a highly adaptable product line that meets challenging applications wherever sealed mixing of varying volumes is required.

A wide selection of direct-drive, gear-driven, single- and variable-speed models with multiple seal, impeller and materials of construction options is available. Modular in design, the flange mount mixer line provides suitability for all types of applications. Key features include:

FLEXBILITY – Standard ANSI flange mounting from 2 ½” to 6” diameter for use with existing plumbing or for ease of complete system design.  Available in standard 304SS or optional 316SS to meet the needs of your specific industry requirements.

ADAPTABILTY – Choose from pneumatic or electric motor-driven models to optimize your operation.  Single-speed or variable speed capability is available in direct-drive or gear-driven configurations for applications from light to heavy materials.   TEFC, explosion-proof and wash-down models are available.

VERSATILITY A variety of seal configurations can be applied to meet the demands of each application. Mechanical or custom seal packages with pressures from full vacuum to 125 psi are also available.

EFFICIENCY – All wetted shaft and impeller components are 316SS. Our standard 3-blade hydrofoil provides the maximum flow per applied horsepower for optimal energy efficiency.  A wide variety of optional impeller styles are available where higher shear or other process parameters are required.

For more than 30 years, INDCO has provided process mixing solutions for thousands of companies. Whether you need specific assistance with motor sizing, materials selection or impeller design, or the complete design of an entire mixing system, please give us a call.  Our engineers are ready and available to help you meet your process requirements.  For more information visit www.indco.com or call 800-682-1660.


  • ANSI B16.5 Class 150 Flange Mount
    • Sizes from 2 ½” to 6”
    • 304 SS standard
    • 316 SS available
  • Motor Options:
    • Electric:
      • 1/3 HP – 5 HP models standard
      • TEFC and Explosion-proof
      • 115VAC – 1 phase to 2 HP
      • 208-230 / 460 V 3ph 2HP and above
      • Alternate electrical configurations available
      • Single speed models:
        • 1750 RPM direct drive
        • 175 RPM w/ 10:1 gear reducer
      • Variable speed:
        • VFD speed control preassembled (non-explosion proof models)
        • VFD separate for remote installation (explosion proof models)
    • Air:
      • ¾ HP – 4 HP models standard
      • Epoxy coated wash-down and all-stainless models available
      • Direct drive: 300 – 3000 RPM
      • Gear driven:  60 – 600 RPM
  • Seal Configurations:
    • Mechanical Seal Standard
      • 125 psi to full vacuum pressure range
    • Customized seal packages available
  • Gear reducer:
    • 10:1 right angle gear box standard with electric motors