INDCO’s January Top Seller

INDCO INDCO’s January Top Seller



INDCO supplies a large selection of laboratory mixing equipment.  Several stirrer models are available with multiple speed range options, light to heavy duty ratings, and electric or air motors are just a few of the options to choose from.  These stirrers typically are designed for use from lab scale to as much as 30 gallon containers.  January’s top seller was the DC3030 heavy duty all-purpose stirrer.

The DC3030 high-torque stirrer is designed specifically to meet the demands of heavy industrial use and is rated for batches up to 15.8 gal (60 liters).  This powerful stirrer can be used with viscosities up to 50000 cps. The electric 1/5 HP brushless direct-current motor offers a unique two-speed transmission providing incredible power.  Maximum torque of 30.0 in-lbs. is generated between 30-600

RPM and 6.0 in-lbs. is provided at speeds from 600-3000 RPM and includes automatic overload protection.  This stirrer is quiet, dependable, maintenance-free and ideal for continuous use. The stirrer includes the motor, 3/8" capacity chuck, chuck guard, chuck key, 1/2" x 5" support rod, power cord, and calibration certificate. Stands or "C" clamps and mounting rod support clamps are available in our product line to assist with different mounting options for this stirrer and are sold separately.  Contact INDCO sales department at for a quote.