Learn about Red Devil Shakers

INDCO Learn about Red Devil Shakers

INDCO features Red Devil Gyroscopic Shakers in addition to our complete mixing line. Red Devil is a leading provider of one, five and multi gallon mixing and shaker equipment. The 5025 Red Devil 5 Gallon Gyroscopic Shaker (RD-5025-00-PRF) featured in these videos has a small footprint and is very quiet making it ideal for storefront or lab use where size and noise are a concern. Most Red Devil shakers are available to ship in 2-3 business days. These gyroscopic shakers are available in air, electric and explosion proof. We also feature other Red Devil mixer and shaker models on our website. INDCO offers a number of accessories to complement your shaker system. We have closers and openers for your buckets as well as plugs and sealers. Contact Customer Service to learn more about the Red Devil Equipment.