How to Install a Clamp Mount Mixer

INDCO How to Install a Clamp Mount Mixer



In this video INDCO displays the correct mounting position of a clamp mount mixer (CL7-T) on an open top 55 gallon steel drum. To further show the effects of the mounting position on the flow pattern and blending uniformity a Variable Speed Air Lab Stirrer (AS75A) is used.

The Air Stirrer is shown in the correct and incorrect position and at each position you will see the blending differences. Video narration explains how to control the vortex, mixing motion and ensure solid suspension of beads.

We offer a wide selection of Clamp Mount Drum MixersMixer Stands and Stainless Steel Drums. Clamp Mount Mixers are available in Direct or Gear-Drive, and Economy or Heavy-Duty. Also available for mixing in a drum are Bung-Entering Clamp Mount Mixers.

The flow position and flow pattern are demonstrated on our Air Stirrers. We have both Variable Speed Direct and Gear-Drive Stirrers, available with a stand, plus a line of Air Lab Stirrers also available with a stand.

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