Deluxe Tote Mixer for Higher Viscosities


Liquid agitation in Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC totes) is becoming a much more common occurrence as companies look for ways to efficiently produce, blend and distribute their products.  INDCO has long been a provider of agitators for IBC’s with options including direct-drive tote cap mounted and gear-driven bracket mounted models.  The problem with mixing in totes is that their cubical geometry is a hindrance to effective material flow and good mixing.  Dead spots can occur in corners even when working with lower viscosity liquids.  As viscosity increases so do the challenges.

Collaborative design work by INDCO’s engineers with customers in need of mixing up to 5,000 cps in totes has resulted in the addition of the BGTC-200T Deluxe IBC Tote Mixer to our product line.  Specific upgrades from the 1 ½ horsepower model include:

-        2 Horsepower TEFC Baldor motor

-        Additional 14” folding impeller (3 versus 2)

-        Heavier gauge impeller blades (7 gauge vs. 11 gauge)

INDCO's Deluxe IBC Tote Mixers offer features for operational efficiency and ergonomics. The toggle feature hooks directly to various cage sizes reducing installation and changeover times.  A lifting eye option is available to maneuver your mixer. This gear reduced model runs 175 RPM and provides the torque necessary for mixing medium to heavy viscosity materials such as slurries, polymers, inks and coatings or for suspending settled particles. The 2 HP electric motor model is equipped with motor leads only. The totally-enclosed fan cooled motor requires three phase 230-460 voltage. This electric model features a Baldor motor known for quality and reliability. The 36" long mixing shaft attaches to a coupler and three heavy gauge 14" collapsible impellers with set screws.  The impellers are designed to enter 6" tote openings and open to 14" when in operation.  The expandable bracket mount fits totes between 34" and 48" wide.  All wetted parts are stainless steel for chemical resistance.

We hope the addition of this new model extends the ability of our customers to work with heavier viscosities in IBC totes.  While we are confident based on the result of customers who inspired the product we would welcome the opportunity to evaluate its use with yours.  Using liquid viscosity and specific gravity (or weight per gallon) our engineers can perform flow calculations and offer guidance.