INDCO Report on Mixer Lift Stands

INDCO INDCO Report on Mixer Lift Stands

To get the most out of industrial mixers, especially those used for multiple applications, the appropriate mixer stand can provide portability and employee safety.  With pneumatic and electric models available on the market manual lifting and positioning of potentially heavy mixers is unnecessary.  Furthermore, many stands in the market are equipped with casters on the base enabling a single operator to move mixing operations as needed.  Container size and available workspace plays a part in choosing which style of lift will work best for each given situation.

Mixing equipment companies offer at least four different styles of mixer lift stands; manual, winch, air, & electric.  When choosing a style one must consider budget, location, and available utilities such as an electric or air supply.  The most popular stand in 2013 for INDCO is the winch lift style.  The popularity of the winch lift stand continues to grow.  Models feature a hand-operated winch that raises and lowers the mixer with a cable and pulley.  Winch lift stands have a self-activating brake that holds the mixer at the desired height when the handle is released.  The advantage of a winch lift stand is that they can be used in virtually any location without the required use of an external power source.  Bases with casters are desirable for mobility in order to move a mixer between applications with ease.  Portable winch mixer lift stands can be found for less than $1400.00.  Air & Electric lift stands operate with just a switch control and can elevate the mixer at increased speeds.  Manual lifts are a great economical choice and can fit into a budget starting at under $400.00.  A lift stand can also be supplied in all stainless steel construction for sanitary or corrosion control conditions for between $2000.00 and $6000.00.