Meet Travis Smith

INDCO Meet Travis Smith

It is always interesting to meet people who work within an organization.  INDCO has many employees who have several years tenure and are a big part of the company family.  Travis Smith has been an INDCO employee for more than 18 years now.  Travis has seen personnel and management changes over the years and is excited about INDCO’s future direction.  Travis enjoys working with a great group of people which he says makes working at INDCO gratifying.

Travis has worked in production during his entire time at INDCO.  He has expanded his knowledge and skills with internal company training and additional outside vocational training.  Travis is a certified welder and manufactures many of the larger pieces of equipment as well custom impellers.  He also is skilled in polishing and has additional hands on training with the CNC equipment.  Travis often participates in the design and prototyping of new equipment and welcomes the opportunity to create something to help meet customer needs.

Travis has seen many unique products pass through the production area.  He recalls developing a custom stainless steel disperser that was shipped overseas to a company in Africa.  It was a great opportunity to be on the team to put the design together and was able to get involved in the details of how to export such a large piece of equipment out of the country.  It took lots of planning and communication.  The end product was a success.

Travis isn’t always all about work.  Travis is active in the community and enjoys many sports.  Travis also has a keen eye for design and skill in carpentry.  He has created many pieces of custom furniture and his work stays in demand.  To meet more employees like Travis, look for more blogs at